Recommendations for the security of use of cell phones and Wi-Fi

Children should not play with radiating cell phones.

Small children should use the cell phone only in case of emergency. Despite the fact that the phone can be switched to “flight mode”, which disconnects it from Wi-Fi and the Internet, the cell phone still emits magnetic fields from the battery, and they, too, are proven to have no less important biological consequences. In no case can children sleep with cell phones.


Limit or eliminate the impact of Wi-Fi. If you have a Wi-Fi router, make sure 

it’s low-power, it’s not in the most visited part of the room and try to turn it off often. Maybe it’s worthwhile to equip a timer so that it is turned on only at certain times and has never been used at night.

Schools should not have Wi-Fi.

The risk of cable / wire connection is less. Again, if there is Wi-Fi, the time of its use should be limited – let it turn on when it really is needed, not all the time. Ideally, Wi-Fi should not be in classrooms, school libraries and gyms.

Return to the fixed phones, if possible.

Get rid of portable phones and use a regular telephone line. At least, do not store the mobile phone in the bedroom while you are sleeping.

Keep the cell phone away from the body .

Do not keep it in your pocket or on your belt. If you are pregnant, keep your cell phone away from your stomach. Hold the phone at the other end of the room or on the car seat. Try to send more messages, and not talk. For iPhone there are special cases that filter out a significant part of the radiation.

Use wired headphones for cell phones

. As with fixed telephones, some people are affected by magnetic fields from the earpiece dynamics, so choose the model with the largest distance to the ear or use special technologies, thanks to which the ear is not affected by electronics.

Be careful when using a cell phone in the car .

The signals are transmitted inside the vehicle, and your head serves as an antenna.

Give up new devices – smart meters or smart meters .

If possible, do not install them in the house.

Try not to use baby monitors ,

since they all operate at microwave frequency. Look for old wired monitors.

Know the impact that you are exposed to.

Maintain labeling laws that

require cell phone manufacturers to indicate the radiation level in a prominent place on the packaging and in a retail store.

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